Exclusive Overpour

Exclusive Overpour

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Over pour of exclusive polishes! 
Just email us at sassybrina101@yahoo.com and tell us what you would like to get and we can see if we can accommodate that, we just can’t guarantee it! 

Tale of the Midnight Ride September PPU 2020 (1 Bottles Left)

Queen of Pearl Jan PPU 2021 (1 Bottles Left)

Rainbow of Velaris June PPU 2021 (10 Bottles Left)

Smokin' Hot Combustion Aug. PPU 2021 (3 Bottles Left)

Get Away From Her, B****H Oct. PPU 2021 (2 Bottles Left)

Netflix & Chill Dec. PPU 2021 (2 Bottles Left)

Forgotten Hallows Oct. PGB 2021 (3 Bottles Left)

Goddess of the Night Jan. HHC 2022 (16 Bottles Left)